Rechargeable Cordless Airbrush – Compressor Mini Spray Airbrush Kit (Gold)

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Rechargeable Cordless Airbrush – Compressor Mini Spray Airbrush Kit (Gold)


Color: Gold

Package Dimensions: 0x0x907

Details: Introducing a revolutionary new DIY coloring tool – our airbrush kit is equipped with both an airbrush and a mini air compressor. Unlike traditional coloring tools, our makeup airbrush kit can spray paint evenly, allowing you to control the thickness of the pigment and express the nuances of color light and dark. Create a variety of colors and patterns according to your preferences and needs with complete freedom. The portable cordless airbrush compressor is USB rechargeable and can be used wirelessly when fully charged. The ergonomic design of the airbrush machine body is comfortable to hold, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for all your artistic creations. The kit features a dual action mode, where you can press the trigger down to control the air output and pull the trigger back to control the paint consumption. The nozzle and thimble are made of high-grade stainless steel to atomize the pigment into a fine mist, saving pigment in the process. This versatile kit can be used in a variety of scenarios such as nail art, painting, makeup, cake decorating, shoe paint, tattoos, fabric spray paint, wall spray paint, and office decor. Packing list includes: 1 airbrush, 1 air compressor, 1 metal container, 1 20ml plastic container, 1 40ml plastic container, and 1 charging cable.

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